Solid. Robust. Reliable.

Our pop up gazebo range uses the best lightweight
materials to provide great ease of use and
unrivalled durability.

Stand out from the crowd

Create a stunning focal point for your next event with our branding and customisation service.

Complete portability

Great design and lightweight materials mean your
LP Tent is easy to take up, take down and take home.

How much should I spend?

All pop up gazebos are not created equal!
Compare our products and find out what best suits your needs, and budget.

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Our pop-up gazebos are used the world over. Here's why:

If you're looking for a pop up gazebo then you're likely to want a product that looks great, is easy-to-assemble, durable, portable and affordable. Whether it's an occasional use gazebo for the garden or a heavy-duty gazebo for constant commercial use, the LP Tent range provides the features and durability you're looking for.

We use innovative, patented systems and high quality materials to give each model stability, longevity and ease of use. Every pop up gazebo in the range is truly an "instant" product with set up and de-rigging taking as little as 60 seconds!

Explore the LP Tent pop up gazebo range today.

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Customise your heavy duty gazebo

Don't miss out on a fantastic marketing opportunity and completely customise your LP Tent pop up gazebo. Our branding and customisation service allows you to create a completely unique pop up gazebo for any event and really stand out from the crowd. Whether you simply want your logo or printed or a fully printed and completely customised design, we can take care of it for you.

Our customised pop-up gazebos and heavy duty gazebos are perfect for marketing events, market stalls, sports teams, music festivals and much more. The best thing is you can customise your pop up gazebo or heavy duty gazebo from as little as £40 + VAT.

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