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Our pop-up gazebos are used the world over. Here's why:
Clouds Around Tent

If you're looking for a pop up gazebo then you're likely to want a product that looks great, is easy-to-assemble, sturdy, portable and affordable. Whether it's an occasional use gazebo for the garden or a more durable solution for constant commercial use, the LPTENT range provides the features and durability you're looking for.

We use innovative, patented systems and high quality materials to give each model stability, longevity and ease of use. Every pop up gazebo in the range is truly an "instant" product with set up and de-rigging taking as little as 60 seconds!

Explore the LPTENT pop up gazebo range today.

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Who Are We?

We manufacture and sell high quality gazebos, inflatables and other promotional structures which are designed primarily for business, commercial and sports use. Our entire product range is easily transportable and suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, with our semi-permanent gazebos and tents capable of withstanding extended periods of time set up in adverse weather conditions. A strong emphasis on product design, strength and durability is at the roots of the LPTENT brand and this ensures longevity, dependability and ease of use throughout the product range.

Build Your Brand...

As well as shelters, our products also act as effective marketing tools which help to increase the exposure of your brand or event, while reinforcing a professional image. Because all LPTENT products can be printed with custom artwork, it’s easy to display your brand and reflect who you are – whether that’s as a restaurant, market stall, sports team, trade stand or any other business type/event. Combining this with long-lasting materials and a professional appearance will make your brand stand out from the crowd time and time again.

Our Products

The entry level ECO gazebo opens the range and offers a sturdy shelter for occasional to moderate use. Each following gazebo in the range benefits from more advanced materials and design, right up to our flagship ZP model. LPTENT inflatable air tents are a lighter alternative to conventional gazebo structures, which take up less space while still being quick to put up and deflate. Start/Finish lines and specialist gazebos/star tents complete our current product lineup.

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